About Me

A London based photographer who specialises in live music photography but has many other interest in other photography.

Since a child, I've always had an interest in photography. Before I bought up my first camera I have worked as a white goods repair personnel and studied various other aspects of other electronic repair.

Though it was only one of those disposable film cameras, it piqued an interest in developing my photography traits; it wasn't until 2002 when I bought my first compact digital camera that what piqued earlier with the disposable camera into a passion for photography.

I have bought my first dSLR (Canon 400d) in 2007 because of the Tour De France that was happening in London at that time.

Since the opening ceremony of the Tour de France in London 2007, I have photographed many aspects of life, being it abstract, macro, candid, street life and wildlife.

Currently a live music photographer for a couple of magazines, one printed and online, and the other, purely an online magazine, and a photojournalist for Demotix which I don't recommend anyone doing (nightmare if you want to ask me). Published various times in my live music and photojournalist (using my real name)

I have never been to college to learn my photography, I guess I'm one of those photographers who have self learnt my photography through the rough and tumble of life

Favourite photographers of mine are Ansel Adams and Vivian Maier and myself, hahaha I do have passions for other type of photography, and they are: Landscape, portraits,, macro photography and sports events

Other things I like in life is, music and being a bit of a geek in repairing computers


I provide the following services:

Music, Concerts, Festivals, Promos, Portraits, Headshots, Red Carpet Events, Nightclubs, Parties, Weddings, Engagement


Online: The Girls Are, Live4Ever, Clash Music, Musos' Guide

Print: The Big Cheese, Clash Music, The Guardian, The Metro

Currently shoot for Alamy Live News and Citizenside